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Island of the Mad

As the 15th (!) book in the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series opens, Russell and Holmes are dealing with a minor domestic crisis—an indirect outcome of their previous adventures in The Murder of Mary Russell. But domesticity never lasts long for this … Continue reading

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In this oddly airless novella by Julia Leigh, a woman returns to her family home, a château in rural France. She left it twelve years ago in disgrace, determined to marry the man her family disapproved of, and now she … Continue reading

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2018 Book Swap

With the new year just getting underway, it’s time again for Jenny and I to share recommendations with each other to read during the coming year. This is a favorite tradition for both of us, both because we almost always … Continue reading

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The Year Behind, the Year Ahead

Happy New Year! Like Teresa, and like many of you, I illumined this difficult and sometimes painful year with my reading. It was a place of respite, of interest and connection, where I could be refreshed. Here are a few … Continue reading

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2017 in Review

I know I’m not alone in finding 2017 a bewildering and stressful year. I’ve never followed the news so closely or been so troubled by it. I’ve also never been as politically active, giving both time and money. And what … Continue reading

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The Unquiet Dead

In The Unquiet Dead, Esa Khattak has been given the task of heading up Toronto’s CPS — Community Policing Section. He and his partner, Rachel Getty, work specifically with minority-sensitive cases, so they’re used to the complications that culture, religion, … Continue reading

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History of Wolves

When the shortlist for the Man Booker Prize was announced this week, the appearance of Emily Fridlund’s debut novel was perhaps the biggest surprise. I was only halfway through the book at the time, and although I liked more than … Continue reading

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The Shadow Speaker

I have read dozens of fantasy novels for young adults and children (and even a few for adults!) Where are they set? Sometimes in a Europe-like world that isn’t our own; sometimes in England; sometimes in the US. I can’t … Continue reading

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The Emily Books

When I was a kid, I adored Anne of Green Gables. I read those books over and over again, especially the first three. I loved Anne’s warmth, her spunk, her sense of humor, her big vocabulary, her love of reading … Continue reading

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The Trespasser

Antoinette Conway is a detective on the Murder Squad. She and her partner, Steve Moran, have been given what looks like another boring domestic case: a woman, punched in the jaw, lies dead on the hearth of her home. The … Continue reading

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