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The Small Change Trilogy

Jo Walton is becoming one of my reliably enjoyable authors, someone whose books I will always read. That feeling was cemented as I read this alternate history series set in a version of Britain that made peace with Hitler during … Continue reading

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The Book of Joan

It’s the year 2049, and ecological disaster has rendered Earth inhospitable to human life. The wealthy life on something called, CIEL, a life raft in space cobbled together from pieces of space junk that is tethered to the Earth with … Continue reading

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The Nutmeg of Consolation

The further I get into Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series, the more it feels like one long story, with each book just chronicling a new set of incidents in that story. So it’s harder to point to a specific novel and … Continue reading

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It’s 1996, 15 years after the events of Black Water Rising, and Jay Porter is still an attorney in Houston. Now a widower and a father of two, he’s made a career of helping people fight big corporations, usually involving environmental regulations, … Continue reading

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As artistic director of the Makeshiweg Theatre Festival, Felix Phillips is known to push the envelope with his interpretations of Shakespeare, even if “the playgoers and even the patrons had grumbled from time to time.” As a longtime theatre nerd … Continue reading

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The Mouse and His Child

In a toyshop just before Christmas, a clockwork mouse and his son are brought out of a box and placed on the counter. When wound, the father mouse dances in a circle, holding the hands of his son and lifting him in … Continue reading

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A High Wind in Jamaica

When a hurricane levels their home in Jamaica, the Thorntons decide that the best thing to do is to put their five children on a ship to England. have Joining them are the two Fernandez children, both of them creoles … Continue reading

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Human Acts

In May 1980, students and workers in Guangju, South Korea, rose up in protest against the government, and the government responded with violence that lasted for days. Hundreds of people died, and many more were arrested.  I knew nothing about these … Continue reading

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Fly By Night

Mosca Mye’s mother died in childbirth, leaving her with her father, the meticulously minded scholar, Quillam Mye. Although Quillam “felt a brief calm at the idea of turning his daughter into a freak by teaching her letters,” he couldn’t help himself. … Continue reading

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High Dive

It’s 1984, and 19-year-old Freya is working at the hotel her father manages in Brighton, wondering about her future. Her father, Moose, is hoping that the planned visit from Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet will bring him a promotion. And … Continue reading

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