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The Fell

When I came across this new novella by Sarah Moss at the library last week, I was surprised. It seems like Summerwater only came out a couple of months ago. But, in fact, it’s been a couple of years, and her … Continue reading

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The Bird’s Nest

In my continuing effort to read more, often lesser-known books by authors I love, I read Shirley Jackson’s 1954 novel, The Bird’s Nest earlier this month. It’s not bad, but I think it’s the weakest of the Jackson novels I’ve read. … Continue reading

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You see, I built the house with my own hands. But Settler Williams slept in it and I would sleep outside on the veranda. I tended the estates that spread around the house for miles, But it was Settler Williams … Continue reading

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A Spindle Splintered

Short books seem to be the answer for my recent inability to focus on my reading for very long. I don’t have to hold all the elements of the plot in my head for days upon days, just a few … Continue reading

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The Book of Form and Emptiness

I loved Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being, so I was eager to read her new novel, The Book of Form and Emptiness. And after hearing her interview on the Ezra Klein show, I was even more excited about the book. There … Continue reading

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The Kiss Quotient

A lot of my reading friends have been enjoying romance novels lately, but I’ve been hesitant to give the genre much attention, not so much out of snobbery but because I already enjoy too many genres. I don’t need another … Continue reading

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Jane and Prudence

I’ve been trying to enhance my reading experiences by reading more books by authors I already enjoy, instead of continuing to try new authors. (New authors are great and all, but more of a risk. Maybe I need less risk … Continue reading

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When I posted about my appreciation for Liz Moore’s Long Bright River, my friend Care suggested that I try Heft, which she liked much better than The Unseen World, a book that I ultimately found a little disappointing. I became a little … Continue reading

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The Sundial

When a book begins with a funeral with a man who died because his mother pushed him down the stairs, and everyone is totally matter-of-fact about it and not at all interested in consequences or fretful that this woman is … Continue reading

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The Unseen World

After really enjoying Long Bright River by Liz Moore earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to read some of her other books right away. I remembered hearing good things about The Unseen World when it came out, so that’s where I … Continue reading

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