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March Reading in Review

So, we’re three days into April and the beginning of March feels like another world, doesn’t it? Yet despite it seeming like the longest month ever, I ended up doing very little reading, and when I did read, the results … Continue reading

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March Reading

Hi everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve been here that I hesitate even to greet you; I looked back and I find that I took a “break” in August 2018 (too depressed by politics to blog) and kept telling … Continue reading

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2019 in Review

In a lot of ways 2019 felt like a pretty typical reading year for me. I finished 96 books, and my total is usually somewhere in the 90s. I read more books by women than men, and a little over … Continue reading

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What I Read This Summer/Fall: September Edition

Continuing my record of books I read while on blogging break. If you want to chat about any of these, please comment! Brixton Beach by Roma Tearne: This book starts with the July 7 bombing in London and then goes … Continue reading

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A non-binding review catch-up poll and opportunity to chat in comments

As I mentioned in my review of The Book of Strange New Things, I have no intention to review the books I read this summer, although I may write a bit about some of them if I feel inspired. I … Continue reading

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2018 in Review

Happy New Year, everyone! In recognition of the new year, I’m continuing my tradition of looking back at my reading from the previous year. This year, I read 93 books, falling a few books short of my loose goal of … Continue reading

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Island of the Mad

As the 15th (!) book in the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series opens, Russell and Holmes are dealing with a minor domestic crisis—an indirect outcome of their previous adventures in The Murder of Mary Russell. But domesticity never lasts long for this … Continue reading

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In this oddly airless novella by Julia Leigh, a woman returns to her family home, a château in rural France. She left it twelve years ago in disgrace, determined to marry the man her family disapproved of, and now she … Continue reading

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2018 Book Swap

With the new year just getting underway, it’s time again for Jenny and I to share recommendations with each other to read during the coming year. This is a favorite tradition for both of us, both because we almost always … Continue reading

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The Year Behind, the Year Ahead

Happy New Year! Like Teresa, and like many of you, I illumined this difficult and sometimes painful year with my reading. It was a place of respite, of interest and connection, where I could be refreshed. Here are a few … Continue reading

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