The Radiant Way, Margaret Drabble (11/06)

Tender is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald (9/06)

Goshawk Squadron, Derek Robinson (10/06)

*Tears of Autumn, Charles McCarry (12/06)

A Natural History of Love, Diane Ackerman (abandoned)

Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides (1/06)

*The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy (1/06)

The Penultimate Peril, Lemony Snicket (1/06)

Father Melancholy’s Daughter, Gail Godwin (2/06)

Evensong, Gail Godwin (2/06)

*Housekeeping, Marilynne Robinson (7/06)

Operating Instructions, Anne Lamott (re-read, 1/06)

Talk to the Hand, Lynne Truss (1/06)

Traveling Mercies, Anne Lamott (1/06)

Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery (re-read, 1/06)

The Owl Service, Alan Garner (2/06)

Red Shift, Alan Garner (3/06)

Anne of the Island, L.M. Montgomery (re-read, 2/06)

Back Story, Robert Parker (2/06)

Cold Service, Robert Parker (10/06)

*A Big Storm Knocked it Over, Laurie Colwin (2/06)

The Eliots of Damerosehay, 3 vols., Elizabeth Goudge (re-read, 2/06)

*Another Marvelous Thing, Laurie Colwin (3/06)

The Evening of Adam, Alice Thomas Ellis (3/06)

Lives of Girls and Women, Alice Munro (2/06)

Families and Survivors, Alice Adams (3/06)

The Final Solution, Michael Chabon (3/06)

Vanity Dies Hard, Ruth Rendell (3/06)

From Ink Lake, Michael Ondaatje, ed. (4/06)

Cell, Stephen King (abandoned)

The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova (8/06)

A Short History of Myth, Karen Armstrong (8/06)

The Lymond Chronicles, 6 vols., Dorothy Dunnett (8/06)

*Family Happiness, Laurie Colwin (6/06)

Nothing But You, Roger Angell, ed. (7/06)

Howl’s Moving Castle, Diana Wynne Jones (8/06)

*Green Grass, Running Water, Thomas King (7/06)

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, Amy Krouse Rosenthal (10/06)

Singularity, William Sleator (10/06)

The End, Lemony Snicket (10/06)

Hush Money, Robert Parker (re-read, 10/06)

Paper Doll, Robert Parker (re-read, 10/06)

Crimson Joy, Robert Parker (re-read, 10/06)

Break In, Dick Francis (re-read, 10/06)

Come to Grief, Dick Francis (re-read, 10/06)

When She Was Queen, M.G. Vassanji (10/06)

Kindergarten, Peter Rushforth (re-read, 10/06)

Moonheart, Charles de Lint (abandoned)

*The Penderwicks, Jeanne Birdsall (10/06)

Special Topics in Calamity Physics, Marisha Pessl (abandoned)

School Days, Robert Parker (10/06)

*Fragile Things, Neil Gaiman (11/06)

Coraline, Neil Gaiman (re-read, 10/06)

Stardust, Robert Parker (re-read, 11/06)

The 27th Kingdom, Alice Thomas Ellis (12/06)

A Shooting Star, Wallace Stegner (12/06)

A Canticle for Leibowitz, Walter Miller, Jr. (12/06)

Minotaur, Barbara Vine (12/06)

The Road to Lichfield, Penelope Lively (12/06)

The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood (12/06)

Sandman, vol. 1-20, Neil Gaiman (12/06)

The Boy in the Water, Stephen Dobyns (abandoned)

Touching the Void, Joe Simpson (9/06)

Girl, Interrupted, Susanna Kaysen (2/06)

Journals of Susannah Moodie, Margaret Atwood (10/06)

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