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Bipolar Faith: A Black Woman’s Journey with Depression and Faith

Monica A. Coleman’s memoir touches on a lot of significant themes: faith, grief, trauma, rape, depression, prayer, race, family, friendship, and history among them. She begins with the story of her great-grandfather who died, it was said, “of grief,” hanging … Continue reading

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A Kind of Intimacy

Well, that was disturbing. And amazing. I loved it. Jenn Ashworth’s debut novel from 2009 is the story of Annie. As the book opens, narrator Annie is just moving into a new home, alone with her cat and eager for … Continue reading

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The Wicked Boy: The Mystery of a Victorian Child Murderer

In July 1865, a 13-year-old London boy named Robert Coombs murdered his mother Emily. After the murder, he and his 12-year-old brother Nattie attended cricket matches, played games, and went fishing, all the while claiming their mother was away visiting family. When … Continue reading

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The Givenness of Things

If you’re a regular or long-time reader of this blog, you’re probably aware that I’m a tremendous fan of the work of Marilynne Robinson. I’ve read and loved all her novels, and I marveled at her 2012 essay collection, When I Was … Continue reading

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We Love You, Charlie Freeman

The Freeman family has an opportunity to be part of scientific history. Laurel Freeman learned sign language at a young age, but she hit a road block in her career as an interpreter because she refused to sign like a white person. … Continue reading

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I Am No One

History professor Jeremy O’Keefe is worried about his memory, among other things. He’s made plans to meet a student to discuss her work, and when she doesn’t show, he’s surprised to find that he previously sent her an email cancelling … Continue reading

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Mary Doria Russell’s novel about Doc Holliday is far from a rip-roarin’ shoot-em-up western. There are shootings, and drinking and gambling and many prostitutes, but the overall tone of the novel is contemplative. John Henry Holliday is a gambler and … Continue reading

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All the Birds, Singing

Jake, the main character in this novel by Evie Wyld, is a tough woman, living alone on her sheep farm on a small British island. To some, it might appear to be a lonely life, there with her dog named Dog, but … Continue reading

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The Arrival

This wordless graphic novel by Shaun Tan presents a familiar immigrant tale, but the presentation makes it unfamiliar. It begins with a man leaving his wife and daughter in a city where some sort of danger lurks. He crosses the ocean, … Continue reading

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Mr. Splitfoot

This novel by Samantha Hunt has a lot of the ingredients that make up a perfect novel for me. There are two young women, each of a different generation, trying to figure out how to tackle adulthood. There’s a loopy … Continue reading

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