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The Unseen World

After really enjoying Long Bright River by Liz Moore earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to read some of her other books right away. I remembered hearing good things about The Unseen World when it came out, so that’s where I … Continue reading

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Samskara: A Rite for a Dead Man

Reading this 1966 novel by U.R. Ananthamurthy, and translated from Kannada by A.K. Ramanujan was a strange experience. On the one hand, I loved a lot about the story of religious rigidity coming to into question when faced with real-life … Continue reading

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Project Hail Mary

How to write about a book in which a great deal of the pleasure is in not knowing what is going to happen next? And where an immense amount of what I loved about the book involves what happens after … Continue reading

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A Glass of Blessings

I haven’t read nearly enough Barbara Pym, I think. I loved Excellent Women when I read it years ago and quickly collected a few more of her books for my collection. And there they sat until I finally got around … Continue reading

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But it’s there. Dread. Every day is an opportunity to fuck up. Every decision, every report. There’s no success, only the temporary aversion of failure. Dread. From the buzz and jingle of the alarm until I finally get back to sleep. … Continue reading

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I’ll Tell You in Person

Sure, I’m writing about myself. Duh. But that’s not the point of this book or these essays. I hope you will project your mistakes and failures and heartaches and joys onto mine. I hope you will feel a touch of … Continue reading

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The Space Between Worlds

This novel by Micaiah Johnson is set in a future version of the earth where the technology exists to visit other versions of the earth. But it’s only safe to visit other earths where you parallel counterpart does not exist, … Continue reading

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Castle Shade

It continues to amaze me that Laurie King has managed to continue the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series for so long with such a consistently high quality. Maybe not every book has been spectacular, but there’s not a dud in the … Continue reading

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Cuckoo Song

Triss is on holiday with her family when she falls into a pond and wakes up the next morning feeling strange. Most notably, she has an insatiable appetite. Plus, her dolls seem to be moving, and her little sister, Pen, … Continue reading

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Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead

What a peculiar crime novel this is! I liked it, mostly because it kept me guessing, but a lot of my guessing was about the world of the novel, not so much the mystery. Claire DeWitt is a renowned detective … Continue reading

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