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It took me a while to get into Michael Chabon’s new novel, but once I did, I was fully hooked. The opening chapters are rough—they move around in time, and the main character is merely called “my grandfather.” The book … Continue reading

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All the Birds in the Sky

As children, Patricia and Laurence were equally awkward but in different ways. Laurence wanted nothing to do with going outdoors, preferring instead to tinker with technology. He even managed to create a simple two-second time machine, which is handier than … Continue reading

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The Wangs vs. the World

Charles Wang had the perfect American success story. He came to the U.S. from Taiwan, where his family had lived since evacuating China, and he turned his father’s small urea-manufacturing business into a major cosmetics empire. But that was before the 2008 … Continue reading

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The Fire Next Time

This 1963 book by James Baldwin is heart-breakingly relevant today. Not only did it inspire two important books of 2016—The Fire This Time and Between the World and Me—but it also feels at times like it could have been written last … Continue reading

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The Haunting of Hill House

This book by Shirley Jackson might have had more of an impact on me if I weren’t already a fan of the 1963 film (soooo creepy!), but it’s still a good book, even if you know what chills are coming … Continue reading

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Birds, Art, Life

When writer Kyo Maclear began taking care of her ailing father, she found herself adrift and unable to write. Constant worry and the changing patterns of her day became difficult to manage.She writes that A mind narrows when it has … Continue reading

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The Fireman

Joe Hill’s latest novel drew me in so quickly and so thoroughly that I placed it on my 2016 books of the year list when I was only halfway finished reading it. There was a point near the end when … Continue reading

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2016 in Review

Every year, I wonder whether I really want to do a year in review post. By the time the new year actually comes, end-of-year book lists have usually been floating around for months, and I get burned out on book lists. … Continue reading

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Rush Oh!

Whaling is not a topic that comes up much in the books I read, but this is the second book focused on whaling that I’ve read this year. The first, The North Water, was grim, grim, grim, but I enjoyed the … Continue reading

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The Wonder

Many of you may know I’ve been annoyed at the lack of straightforward storytelling in the 2016 fiction that I’ve read. Emma Donoghue’s new novel looked like it might be exactly what I wanted—an exciting story with interesting questions to resolve … Continue reading

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