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The Unspeakable

In the introduction to this essay collection, Meghan Daum writes that our societal discourse is “largely rooted in platitudes” and that her goal in the book was to get beyond the platitudes to discuss “the unspeakable thought many of us … Continue reading

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The Philosopher Kings

As soon as I finished The Just City, Jo Walton’s marvelous story of a Platonic utopia gone dystopian, I began counting the days until summer, when the sequel, The Philosopher Kings, would be published. The first book chronicled the building of … Continue reading

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The Greengage Summer

Imagine taking your five children to another country all by yourself and then getting very sick and having to be hospitalized. Pretty terrible situation, right? So how would you cope? Would you leave them in the care of a random … Continue reading

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Through the Woods

I love a creepy story, and this book by Emily Carroll offers five of them, all in comics form and all very, very creepy. These stories are short and lavishly illustrated, and I hesitate to tell you much of what … Continue reading

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Before I started reading Thorn by Intisar Khanani, I kept reminding myself to go read the story of the Goose Girl. Because what good is a fairy tale retelling if you don’t know the tale it’s retelling? Well, I kept … Continue reading

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The Lost Boys Symphony

There’s something wrong with Henry. The 19-year-old musician had always been eccentric, but lately things have gotten worse. And when Henry goes missing shortly after his girlfriend Val breaks up with him, his childhood friend and roommate Gabe doesn’t know … Continue reading

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Invisible Man

I first read Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man in high school, when reading the great canonical works of literature was extremely important to me. I can’t recall what I made of it back then. I probably would have said that it … Continue reading

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Get in Trouble

I think it’s pretty well established that I like my short stories weird. But these stories by Kelly Link pushed the weird envelope for me. They’re not necessarily bad stories, but I felt like I wasn’t getting some of them. … Continue reading

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Broken Monsters

I’m not sure where I first heard about this novel by Lauren Beukes, but I was given the impression that it’s a sort of science fiction mystery. It’s not that exactly. It’s really a straight-up horror novel that reads like … Continue reading

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Every ten years, the Dragon comes to the village of Dvernik and selects a 17-year-old girl to take back to his tower. Despite the rumors outside the village, he doesn’t eat them—he’s actually a wizard named Sarkan. And this wizard … Continue reading

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