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How to Be a Victorian

Do you remember all the chatter a couple of months ago about the couple that decided to live like Victorians? The whole thing seemed silly to me (both the article and the backlash), but somewhere in the conversation someone mentioned … Continue reading

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The Care and Feeding of My TBR–and a Little Dare for 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve written a topical post, and Elle recently tagged me in a set of questions about managing all those books to be read (i.e., the TBR pile). These are good questions, coming at a good … Continue reading

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Challenger Deep

Fifteen-year-old Caden Bosch is on a journey. He doesn’t know when it started, and he doesn’t know where he’s bound. He’s on an old ship, filled with more young nameless crew mates and led by a one-eyed captain with a one-eyed parrot. … Continue reading

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East of Eden

When Leslie, Christy, and I decided to read East of Eden together, I thought, “No big deal. Steinbeck’s books aren’t that long, and they read quickly. I’ll polish it off in a couple of days.” If you’ve seen this chunkster, you know … Continue reading

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Stephen R. Chinn, writing a memoir from prison in 2040, has lost his freedom, having been convicted of creating artificial life. Gaby White has lost the ability to move and can only speak by conversing with a chatbot through a computer. … Continue reading

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Whenever the due date for my library books draws near, I take a look at the catalog listing to see if anyone has it on hold. If not, I breathe a sigh of relief and put the book on the … Continue reading

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My review of this novel by Shirley Jackson could perhaps be summed up thusly: ?????? What even was that? Not much of a post, though, so I guess I’ll say more. Hangsaman (what does that title even mean??) is the story … Continue reading

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My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer

This book by poet Christian Wiman is not easy to describe. It’s not exactly a memoir, although it contains elements of memoir, and it’s not exactly an essay collection, although each chapter dances around a particular theme or idea. His … Continue reading

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Human Croquet

Near the beginning of this novel by Kate Atkinson, we learn the history of Fairfax Manor and the enigmatic Lady Mary Fairfax, who appeared naked one stormy night, became the bride of Sir Francis, and, years later, vanished as suddenly and … Continue reading

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The Gap of Time

Although I tend to grumble about any effort to “breathe new life” into classic texts that still have plenty of life in them, I’ve adored many such retellings, from West Side Story to Clueless. So I’ve been both excited and wary about the Hogarth … Continue reading

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