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Pachinko by Min Jin Lee is just the kind of historical fiction I love. It’s a great story about decent people living in a time and place I don’t know a lot about. In this case, the setting for most … Continue reading

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So Much Blue

Kevin Pace is a painter. His canvas, which he works on in secret, is full of blue, a hue he’s usually avoided, but now, for some reason, he can’t let it go. He’s also can’t let go of secrets from … Continue reading

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Dear Cyborgs

Often, the Tournament of Books brings to my attention a few great books I’d never heard of. Last year, it was Black Wave; this year, it was Lucky Boy. I was hoping Dear Cyborgs by Eugene Lim would be a second. It certainly sounds like … Continue reading

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The End of Eddy

Eddy Bellegueule was a disappointment to his family from a very young age. He was his father’s first son, and his father wanted to prove his manliness by having a manly son. Eddy was not what his father saw as … Continue reading

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Lucky Boy

I’m mystified that this novel by Shanthi Sekaram hasn’t gotten more attention. It’s a compelling read about complex subjects that are very much of the moment. I suppose some could argue that its style is too simplistic and the story … Continue reading

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Manhattan Beach

During the Great Depression, Eddie Kerrigan took care of his wife and daughters, even if it meant getting involved with the shady gangster Dexter Sykes. But by World War II, Eddie is gone and the women are on their own. … Continue reading

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Page to Screen: It

I love a good horror movie, so I was delighted when the film version of It came out last year and got good reviews, although it took me until this week to get around to seeing it. I shouldn’t have bothered. … Continue reading

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Fair and Tender Ladies

Reading Lee Smith’s memoir Dimestore last year reminded me of what a good writer she is and inspired me to revisit her fiction for the first time in more than 20 years. The trouble is, aside from Black Mountain Breakdown, I have … Continue reading

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The Commodore

The 17th book in Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series finds Stephen and Jack back in England, ready to reunited with their families after years away. Stephen is particularly anxious to meet his daughter, Brigid, but when he arrives home he finds … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Vitamin

 As this novel by Rachel Khong begins, it’s Christmas, and Ruth is spending her first Christmas in years with her family. Her fiancé has recently dumped her for another woman, and she’s been bouncing from one relationship to another. And … Continue reading

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