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On Giving Up on Night Film After Only 50 Pages

I know better than to give in to literary hype, but I also know better than to dismiss hyped books. If it sounds like my kind of thing, I’ll give it a try, and Night Film by Marisha Pessl sounded … Continue reading

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Ship of the Line (abandoned)

I think it may have been on my third read through Patrick O’Brian’s marvelous, masterful Aubrey-Maturin series of shipgoing adventures that I decided I would try another series as well: C.S. Forester’s series about Horatio Hornblower. The earliest of these … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Abandoning Umbrella

For the past week or so, I’ve been dipping in and out of Umbrella by Will Self. It’s not a bad book, and although it’s not an easy read, I’ve not found it as difficult as I thought I might. … Continue reading

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Bloodmoney (abandoned)

I don’t post about every book I try and then give up on. If I only read a few pages — say, fifty or so — I don’t think it’s enough to write anything about. But I forced myself through … Continue reading

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Sunday Salon: A DNF Round-Up

It feels like ages since I’ve written a review—and it has indeed been over a week. The reason is that I’ve been working through my pile of review copies and finding the books unsatisfactory. My policy about unfinished books is … Continue reading

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The Book Thief (abandoned)

My usual rule, when reading a book that’s just not doing it for me, is to give a book 50 pages or 10% of its length, whichever is longer. I allowed Markus Zusak and his narrator, Death, twice that long … Continue reading

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Drop City (abandoned)

In the early 1970s, T.C. Boyle’s Drop City is a hippie commune: LTWAIDNO (Land To Which Access Is Denied No One.) Everyone is welcome, the heads and the straights, the cats and the chicks, those who want to contribute to … Continue reading

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The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation: Volume 2, The Kingdom on the Waves (audio, abandoned)

Last month, I listened to and enjoyed the audio version of the first of M.T. Anderson’s two Octavian Nothing books. As much as I liked the first book, The Pox Party, I did note that I think it would have … Continue reading

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The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise (abandoned)

Before you read this post, there is something you should know about me. I have an incredibly low tolerance for quirkiness, sweetness, cuteness, and sentimentality. I can tolerate all of these things in small doses, but usually I need a … Continue reading

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Star Island (abandoned)

Apparently I am humor-deficient because I just didn’t find anything funny about the first 120 pages of Carl Hiaasen’s new novel, Star Island. The premise is promising. A hot young singer with the stage name Cherry Pye is trying to … Continue reading

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