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Vinland is the story of a man who had a magnificent adventure when he was a boy, and lived and worked and dreamed in its shadow all the rest of his life. This book is set in eleventh-century Orkney, and … Continue reading

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A Kind of Intimacy

Like most of the known universe, I read (and enjoyed!) Gone Girl. But I think Jenn Ashworth’s A Kind of Intimacy is a better dark, disturbing sort of book. Gone Girl was the portrait of two very unpleasant personalities twining around … Continue reading

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The Heirs of Columbus

By this time, I’ve read more than a handful of Native American novels, several of them from the Native American Renaissance during the 1960s. There’s a thematic similarity to the ones I’ve read from that time period: they are often … Continue reading

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Await Your Reply

I didn’t know what to expect from this book when I picked it up. I went through nearly a decade believing that Dan Chaon wrote horror novels, and then I saw that he’d won a Pushcart Prize and had been … Continue reading

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YOU GUYS. I read Ivanhoe and it was the most amazing thing. Walter Scott was extremely popular in his day and had legions of adoring fans and was invited to a private dinner by the Prince Regent so they could … Continue reading

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Who Could That Be at This Hour?

I love Lemony Snicket’s books. I devoured the Series of Unfortunate Events, and thanks to a generous cousin, I even own one of the books in French, which is as delightful as you might imagine. Their combination of gloom and … Continue reading

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Redemption in Indigo

Karen Lord’s debut novel Redemption in Indigo is… kind of a mess, to be honest. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, and it’s awkward in places, and I’m not crazy about the ending. But it is the most … Continue reading

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The Complete Stories, Clarice Lispector

Sometimes it happens that I’ll read something that I’ve seen on other people’s lists of The Greatest! of! All Time!, and for whatever reason (let’s face it, it’s because I’m a terrible person) I’ve dismissed the hype. How great could … Continue reading

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Super Black

I don’t know about you, but I was one of the people who saw Wonder Woman on the day it came out in the theater. I was ready — beyond ready — for a superheroine, and I wasn’t disappointed. For … Continue reading

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Lying Awake

Lying Awake is a short novel — under 200 pages — and it has a lot to say. Still, it manages to feel quiet rather than crowded, and measured rather than rushed. Quite an accomplishment for such a small book. … Continue reading

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