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The Arrival

The Arrival is a wordless graphic novel by Shaun Tan, an Australian author. Its images are sepia-toned, as if they come from an old photo album. It begins with a man saying goodbye to his wife and children: he is … Continue reading

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A couple of months ago, I reviewed David Foster Wallace’s book of essays, Consider the Lobster. I read that book with increasing pleasure (and perhaps a tinge of surprise), and in the end was really blown pretty much flat by … Continue reading

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Bookish Films Roundup

I was in bed sick last week, and I watched a lot of movies while I was down. As it happens, almost every film I watched was based on a book. I thought I’d give you a few of my … Continue reading

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Consider the Lobster

David Foster Wallace has been on my list for a long time, but to be perfectly honest, I’ve been a bit skeptical about reading him. He’s one of those Gen-X white-dude heroes, and in my experience they have a tendency … Continue reading

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Hard Times

‘Now, what I want is, Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing … Continue reading

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The Goblin Emperor

Maia woke with his cousin’s cold fingers digging into his shoulder. “Cousin? What…” He sat up, rubbing at his eyes with one hand. “What time is it?” “Get up!” Setheris snarled. “Hurry!” Obediently, Maia crawled out of bed, clumsy and … Continue reading

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Gaby, Lost and Found

One of the (approx. ten billion) things I didn’t anticipate about having kids was that their reading lives would shift so much. Of course I knew their reading level would change. But I suppose I didn’t foresee that what they … Continue reading

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Finders Keepers

This summer, Stephen King has come out with a sequel to last year’s Mr. Mercedes. That book was a solidly enjoyable thriller with nothing supernatural about it — a race against time to catch an unpleasant mass murderer. I enjoyed … Continue reading

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The Replacement

One of the most vivid, sad, and frightening scenes in Little, Big is about a changeling. Sophie brings the thing with which the faeries have replaced her infant daughter Lilac to George Mouse, hoping against hope for some kind of … Continue reading

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Little, Big (late read-along part 2)

In my last post on Little, Big, I talked briefly about some of the authors that crowd the pages of the book: Lewis Carroll, A.A. Milne, Giordano Bruno, Kenneth Grahame, George MacDonald, Ovid, and on and on. (Tom at Wuthering … Continue reading

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