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A Treacherous Likeness

Note: I plan to discuss this novel and its plot in detail. I don’t think you can really “spoil” it, given that the events of the novel are historical and well-known, but Lynn Shepherd gives them her own interpretation, so … Continue reading

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Life After Life

No breath. All the world come down to this. One breath. Little lungs, like dragonfly wings failing to inflate in the foreign atmosphere. No wind in the strangled pipe. The buzzing of a thousand bees in the tiny curled pearl … Continue reading

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Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

Perhaps the best indicator of whether you’ll enjoy this memoir by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) is whether you enjoy reading her blog. If you find her blog funny, you’ll find the book funny. If you find her blog overly … Continue reading

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Terra is a scavenger on a far-future Earth. She picks up bits of metal and wire — or better yet, precious plastic — and recycles them for credits so she and her younger brother Mica can survive. After a life-altering … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Abandoning Umbrella

For the past week or so, I’ve been dipping in and out of Umbrella by Will Self. It’s not a bad book, and although it’s not an easy read, I’ve not found it as difficult as I thought I might. … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Indifference: Stories

When I read a collection of short stories, particularly a collection by the same author, I like to consider threads that hold all the stories together. Are there commonalities in mood or theme or style that make them work as … Continue reading

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The Gate

Sōsuke and Oyone were without question a loving couple. In the six long years they had been together they had not spent so much as half a day feeling strained by the other’s presence, and they had never once engaged … Continue reading

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Kiku’s Prayer

For centuries, Christianity was strictly forbidden in Japan. Japanese citizens were required to express their renunciation of Christianity by stepping on fumi-e, carved images of Jesus and Mary. Those who refused were subjected to painful tortures. This practice, depicted in … Continue reading

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The Idolatry of God

When many people become Christians, they feel a sense of euphoria, a hope that their problems will now be solved because God is with them and they know it. That was certainly the way I felt when I started to … Continue reading

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I am a sucker for those stories where you see the same events from the points of view of multiple characters. They raise such meaty questions about memory and reliability and perspective and the nature of truth—all of which I … Continue reading

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