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The Forgotten Waltz

Gina knows what she’s done isn’t right, but she’s trying to justify her actions—falling in love with a married man, leaving her own husband, separating her lover from his daughter, Evie. In the preface, she describes the day that Evie … Continue reading

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Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock

Two 15-year-old girls, going to school at Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas, in September 1957. For Elizabeth, it was a monumental day that she and her family and neighbors had planned for months. It was the start of a … Continue reading

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The Revisionists

Even though I live right outside Washington DC, it’s unusual for me to read books set here. Even movies and TV shows set in this area seem ignorant of the fact that the city is more than the monuments, the … Continue reading

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Edna is alone in her apartment, sitting at a formica table, typing. Not writing, but typing. She’s not sure what got her started typing again, but it might have to do with a letter she received months ago asking if … Continue reading

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You Deserve Nothing

Reading Alexander Maksik’s debut novel, You Deserve Nothing, is among the strangest experiences of my reading life in recent years. When I was nearly halfway through the book, events transpired that completely changed my reading of the book and got … Continue reading

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Sometimes there’s no accounting for taste, including my own. I could come up with a list of reasons that I’m unenthusiastic about Fatale, the J.P. Manchette novel newly translated from the French, but I’m not sure any of those reasons … Continue reading

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