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The Marriage Plot (audio)

The title of Jeffrey Eugenides’s new novel refers to an old-fashioned sort of novel in which the central question is whether and who the heroine (usually, but sometimes the hero as well) will marry. These novels by Jane Austen, Henry … Continue reading

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The Enchanted April (audio)

I’m about to commit an act of book-blogger sacrilege. I’ve just finished the audiobook of Elizabeth von Arnim‘s The Enchanted April, and I’m afraid I must confess that, well, I liked the movie better. This admission is particularly galling when … Continue reading

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The Plague of Doves

I wish I’d known from the beginning that nine different chapters of The Plague of Doves had been originally published as standalone short stories. I don’t know whether Louise Erdrich had this complete novel in mind when she wrote the … Continue reading

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The Family That Couldn’t Sleep (audio)

If you’ve ever spent hours lying in bed, waiting in vain for sleep to come, you’ll know that insomnia can be a terrifying thing. Now imagine that it goes on night after night until eventually you do not sleep at … Continue reading

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When We Were Orphans (audio)

Christopher Banks is a great detective, but Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel about him is hardly a typical detective story. A huge chunk of the book is Christopher’s reminiscences about his childhood in the International Settlement in Shanghai. There, he and his … Continue reading

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The Painted Drum (audio)

Faye Travers has turned other people’s ghosts into her career, but she carefully avoids her own ghosts. The business she owns with her mother requires her to go through the possessions of the recently deceased, as she helps the surviving … Continue reading

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Martin Misunderstood (audio)

Karin Slaughter is one of the many crime writers who has been on my radar for years without ever making it onto my TBR list. All I really know about her is that she’s popular and prolific. I’ve found that … Continue reading

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Zits is 15 years old and miserable, angry really. One source of his misery is right there in his name. He’s tall and skinny; he believes he looks like “a bag of zits tied to a broomstick.” He’s also alone. … Continue reading

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Defiance (audio)

It’s common to see Holocaust stories as stories about people being tragically led to their deaths, forced into ghettos and concentration camps and facing unimaginable horrors—and that was indeed the experience of millions of Jews in Europe, and their stories … Continue reading

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The Distant Hours

Oh merciful heaven, I am finally done with this book! What a relief! So many times as I was listening to this, I pondered giving up. It was so exasperatingly, unnecessarily slow. The print version is well over 500 pages, … Continue reading

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