A non-binding review catch-up poll and opportunity to chat in comments

As I mentioned in my review of The Book of Strange New Things, I have no intention to review the books I read this summer, although I may write a bit about some of them if I feel inspired. I thought I’d see if there are any particular books you all would love to hear my thoughts on, so I’ve made a poll listing what I read. No guarantees that I’ll follow the poll results, but it may help me set priorities if I decide I feel like writing a review. I’m reading a very long book right now, Edith Pargeter’s Heaven Tree trilogy, so I might decide I want to write something just to take a break from that.

I’m also happy to chat about any of these books in the comments, so if you want to ask what I thought about any of them there, please do. You can also see my star ratings and some brief reviews on Goodreads.

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4 Responses to A non-binding review catch-up poll and opportunity to chat in comments

  1. Jeanne says:

    I voted for one I’ve already reviewed myself (Crawdads) for another viewpoint, and one I’m still thinking about reading (Circe).

    • Teresa says:

      Crawdads is one of the ones I’m more likely to write about. I had fairly mixed feelings about it, and some of those feelings were strong. Circe made less of an impression on me, but I was glad to read it.

  2. I love a bookish poll – fun! I chose Big Sky because I read and loved it. Atkinson is an automatic buy for me.

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