A Book Riot Round Up

When I’m not writing reviews here, I’m often writing posts over at Book Riot. Here’s what I’ve written in November and December.

Reading Pathways: Ruth Rendell. Where to start with one of my favorite (and one of the most prolific) crime writers.

“The Time That Is Given Us”: Gathering Strength from The Lord of the Rings. Written shortly after the election, when LOTR was the only story that made sense to me.

100 Must-Read Novellas. Looking for something to pad your reading stats for the end of the year? Here’s a whole bunch of books that are under 200 pages.

Five Bookish Films to Watch for This Oscar Season. I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle Silence on the big screen.

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: A Year with Nature. Mini-reviews of books about people who took on projects that got them close to the natural world.

Thank You, Books. A post on why I’m grateful to be a reader.

The Shining Is an Opera and I am Here for It. I listened to the Minnesota Opera’s production of The Shining. 

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2 Responses to A Book Riot Round Up

  1. Ooh, I missed that novella list- I’ll have to check that one out!

    • Teresa says:

      It was a fun list to put together–the 100 must-reads always are. (And I’ll admit I don’t take the must-read moniker literally. There are books on it I didn’t love but that I think are worth trying if they seem interesting to you.)

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