A Book Riot Post Round-Up

I’m continuing to enjoy writing for Book Riot, but I haven’t been very disciplined about sharing my Book Riot posts here at Shelf Love. So I’m playing a little catch-up today and sharing a bunch for those of you who don’t read Book Riot regularly or just missed them when they initially posted. Enjoy!

Shakespeare Adaptations We’d Love to See: Inspired by the Hogarth Shakespeare project, my fellow Rioters and I came up with a list of dream novelizations of Shakespeare’s plays. (We also provide an important corrective to a problem with Hogarth’s current list. See if you can figure out what it is.)

In Which a Semi-Janeite Attends a Jane Austen Con: My report on attending the Jane Austen Society AGM. Includes a picture of the absolutely gorgeous ball gown I tried on.

A Tribute to Curtis Hanson: A remembrance of the great work of the director and screenplay writer of the magnificent film adaptation of LA Confidential. (It’s mostly me gushing about one of my favorite movies.)

Books for Our Times: How Fiction Informs My Politics: A discussion of several books that are a little too resonant with the current election.

The Pros and Cons of Literary Prizes: After being seriously unenthusiastic about the Booker longlist, I had an argument with myself about the value of literary prizes.

What the Great British Bake Off Taught Me About Judging Books: Bringing together two obsessions: The Great British Bake Off and the Man Booker Prize.

Does Reading Literary Fiction Make You a Better Person? I’m Skeptical: I discuss some of my problems with recent studies about the merits of reading literary fiction.

Why I Review Everything I Read: I explain how writing reviews helps me get more out of the reading experience.

Those are just a few that I especially enjoyed writing. You can see all my Book Riot posts on my Author Page.


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4 Responses to A Book Riot Post Round-Up

  1. Hmmm…. How do I get a gig writing at Book Riot????

    I recall reading several of these over at Boot Riot, but I confess I did not check the by-line so I didn’t connect them with you here. I will be looking for your name in the future. Sounds like a fun gig to me.

    • Teresa says:

      I don’t always look at the by-lines either, although I do so more often now that I write for them!

      If you’re really interested, you should submit an application! They do calls for contributors a couple of times a year, but they also accept applications anytime at http://bookriot.com/join-us/

  2. Elle says:

    These are wonderful, Teresa! (I might hit up Book Riot as a prospective contributor myself…) I especially loved the Shakespeare adaptations post. The currently planned Hogarth series has no writers of colour at all – I figure that’s what you meant by “the problem”? I especially like Helen Oyeyemi to rewrite MND!

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