Through the Woods

ThroughtheWoodsI love a creepy story, and this book by Emily Carroll offers five of them, all in comics form and all very, very creepy. These stories are short and lavishly illustrated, and I hesitate to tell you much of what they’re about. The stories are so brief that to share much of the plot is to give away everything, and I know you’d like to discover them for yourself.

Most of the stories have the feel of old-fashioned fairy tales but with a huge dash of horror (not unlike a lot of actual fairy tales). My favorites were the first two. “Our Neighbor’s House” is a story of three sisters left alone in their house as their father goes hunting. Three days later, he hasn’t returned and they have to decide whether to stay or brave the storm and go to their neighbor’s, as he’d directed. The second, “A Lady’s Hands Are Cold,” is a beautifully illustrated ghost story. The story itself is not particularly original, but the art makes it sing.

The last three are a little more strange and the creep factor was slightly lower, I think because they didn’t tap into old childhood nightmares the way the first two did. But they’re very good stories. The last one “The Nesting Place” has a particularly strong payoff. And the book’s conclusion has an unsettling (and funny) warning from the wolf in the woods.

Carroll’s website features even more of her stories, including “His Face All Red,” from this collection. I look forward to perusing them all. During the day. With the lights on.

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9 Responses to Through the Woods

  1. I liked this book a lot too! The graphic form really lends itself to creepiness, and this is one of my favorite covers ever.

  2. Swistle says:

    Adding to library hold list!

  3. I went to Carroll’s website and read “His Face All Red”. Super creepy! It was great!

  4. Jenny says:

    I’ve read “His Face All Red” and some of her other work on her website, but I’d lost track of her as an artist. Thanks for the recommendation — I like her a lot!

  5. Oh yay! I forgot (or never knew) that she had more work posted on her website. That’ll be something fun for me to do this evening while my dinner is cooking. I adore her art.

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