Unwritten Reviews

I mentioned in my post on Home Cooking that I had read quite a few books that had gone unreviewed. In the comments, a couple of people suggested I put up a list of the books I’ve read that I would really have liked to write something about. If there’s anything you would particularly like me to get to if I have time, leave me a note — I’ll put it to the front of the queue, and if I have time, I’ll take that into account!

  • Between the Woods and the Water, Patrick Leigh Fermor. The sequel to A Time of Gifts. Fermor’s description of his travel, on foot, in the 1930s, from the Hook of Holland towards Constantinople.
  • The Radetzky March, Joseph Roth. Novel that chronicles the decline and fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire through three generations of the Army-going Trotta family, from the height of empire through the first World War.
  • My Bright Abyss, Christian Wiman. Short volume by a former editor of Poetry magazine, reflecting on his diagnosis with terminal cancer, poetry, and what it means to have faith as a postmodern person. Absolutely, even brutally, unsentimental.
  • The Bingo Palace, Louise Erdrich. Lipsha Morrissey seeks help from the spirits in order to gain the love of Shawnee Ray, who is considering a much more eligible proposal. Bingo is involved. This is the fourth in her series about the fictional Turtle Mountain reservation in North Dakota.
  • Engine Summer, John Crowley. Any summary I tried to give would be hopelessly inadequate, but it’s near-future science-fiction, sort of.
  • Angelmaker, Nick Harkaway. There’s a doomsday device involving killer bees, and Joe Spork must save the world. It’s way, way, way, way better than that sounds at face value.
  • Findings, Kathleen Jamie. Nature writing and close observation from Scotland.
  • On Beauty, Zadie Smith. Novel about race, academics, women, sex, theories about beauty, and a lot of extremely unpleasant people.

There we are. My goodness, what a motley crew. All of them are more than worth reading, and if I get some requests, maybe I’ll write about a few of them. I hope to catch up on what you have been reading, as well!

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13 Responses to Unwritten Reviews

  1. More about Angelmaker and On Beauty please! If you get a chance. I have Angelmaker out of the library and have been trying to decide if I’m actually going to read it. I very much liked one of the Nick Harkaway books I read, and very much didn’t like the other one. It’s left me in a confused state.

  2. JaneGS says:

    At one point On Beauty was on my TBR list but then it sounded a bit miserable.

  3. eyschmitt says:

    I have On Beauty on my shelf as well and would enjoy hearing more about it. Thanks for being so responsive and putting up your list!

  4. Sandy says:

    I would love to hear your thoughts about the first two. I have the Patrick Leigh Fermor on my TBR pile along with the Radetzky March. If I had to pick one, I think I would like to hear about the latter.

  5. marcia lengnick says:

    I’d like to know more about THE BRIGHT ABYSS. am taking a short Poetry class and am interested in what he has to say about poetry in relation to his cancer diagnosis.

  6. mum61e says:

    Hello. Nice to see you back here.

    Based on what you already wrote, The Radetzky March seems like my kind of thing, so I think I’ll take a run at it anyway, without adding to the pressure on you to review.

  7. I also vote for “The Radetzky March,” since it’s on my TBR list as well. I’ve had it there for quite some time, and was intimidated by all the history. Maybe it would help to find someone else (you, in this case!) to bell the cat, as it were. And thanks for sharing your list.

  8. aparatchick says:

    “Findings” intrigues me. I’d love to know more.

  9. “Engine Summer”! I loved Crowley’s “Little Big”.

  10. Lisa says:

    I struggled a bit with the PLF, compared to the first book, so I’d love to hear your reactions to that one – but I think that one is getting the least votes :)

  11. banff1972 says:

    Another vote for Radetzky March.

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