A Christmas Gift for You!

Edited to add: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners, Cori of Let’s Eat Grandpa and Jill of Rhapsody in Books.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas day! (And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, we hope you’re having a wonderful December 25.) In celebration of the day, Jenny and I would like to offer you, our readers, a special gift. So we’re giving two lucky readers a book of your choice, selected from any of the books we’ve reviewed here at Shelf Love.

Just let us know in the comments what book you’d like to receive. This giveaway is open internationally, as long as the book is available for under $25 from a store that ships to your country. We’ll keep the giveaway open through December 31 and choose the winners on January 1.

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!

Note: The light show in the video above is the creation of my cousin. He does a light show set to music every year. It’s really quite amazing!

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27 Responses to A Christmas Gift for You!

  1. Michelle Connell says:

    Choices, choices…..I think for me ‘Howards end’. A book ive heard alot about but never gotten around to reading. Your review has cemented it for me.
    Thankyou for all the reviews throughout the year and the endless additions to my wishlist.

  2. Eva says:

    Oh fun! And the video was awesome too. :) I’d love to have a copy of Byatt’s The Children’s Book (and since it’s a fat book, I’d especially love to get the ebook format…I wonder why it’s available at B&N but not Book Depository…weird) for my very own.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Victoria says:

    Merry Christmas to you Jenny and Teresa, and thank you so much for all your wonderful reviews this year.

    The book you’ve most inspired me to read, and which I would love a copy of, is The Founding by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. Or rather, you’ve inspired me to want to read the whole series with your steady stream of reviews. I was afraid to embark on such a long endeavour, but you’ve fortified me. :-)

  4. Sean DePalma says:

    Merry Christmas!!

    Shelf Love is the best. The only Constantine book I don’t own is “The Rocksburg Railroad Murders” That would really be icing on my Christmas Cake.

  5. Amanda W says:

    Merry Christmas! I would love to get Blindness.

  6. gaskella says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you both and best wishes for 2012. Thanks for another great year of blogging. I have too many books, so won’t enter your giveaway.
    Annabel x

  7. novelkatie says:

    What a lovely idea! Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you both.

    I have been coveting a copy of The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides for months. That would be a wonderful Christmas gift!


  8. Merry Christmas! Oh, I might as well copy from novelkatie and request The Marriage Plot! Hope you all have a lovely holiday!

  9. Laura says:

    Happy holidays and thank you for the gift! I would love to win Mieville’s The City and the City.

  10. Thank you for offering this giveaway! I would love a copy of The Book of Night Women.

    Happy Christmas to both of you!

  11. Oh. Mt. Word. What a hard time I had choosing!

    I think I’d like to try The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  12. Merry Christmas. I would love a copy of The Bleak House by C. Dickens. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  13. Alyce says:

    I just couldn’t decide there were so many books on your review list!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Lisa says:

    Merry Christmas (almost Boxing Day here)! since I was lucky enough to win a drawing earlier this year, I will pass on this one, but I wanted to add my thanks for such a wonderful bookish place.

  15. Kinna says:

    Merry Christmas. Thank you for this giveaway, it’s a really lovely gesture.

    If I’m lucky then I would like Brooklyn by Colm Toibin. Thanks.

  16. Stefanie says:

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  17. litlove says:

    What a very generous gesture! I’d love to be in the draw, but I confess that your list of titles is so enormous I was overwhelmed and couldn’t choose. Hope you have both been having wonderful Christmasses and that you are gearing up for the end of year posts. I do love that part of blog world activity!

  18. Lisa says:

    Ooooo I would love The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart. I put it on my TBR list after I read your review, but have not acquired it yet.:-)

  19. jasmine1485 says:

    I know you reviewed an audio version of Comfort Me with Apples but I’d love a book of it :) If I can’t choose that, then I’d like The Boleyn Inheritance, thank you so much for your generous giveaway! I hope you had a great Christmas :)

    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  20. Brittany says:

    What a wonderful giveaway. I enjoy so many of your reviews, but I’d love to win (and read!) Behind the Scenes at the Museum, especially since you’ve both reviewed it.

  21. Cori says:

    Merry Christmas! Loved going through and trying to decide which book to choose — you guys read and review so many great things. I think I’d like to try The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie again — I gave it a shot on audio and didn’t care for it (oi, precocious children), but I think I might like the print version. Thanks! :)

  22. How nice! I’m most interested in Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. I love the two of her books I’ve read. Happy holidays to both of you!

  23. DKS says:

    Merry Christmas — it’s uncanny, the way the tree in that video seems to vanish when it’s switched off. I own and admire Georges Perec’s Life A User’s Manuel, so I wouldn’t mind his A Void. (Your list might be missing John Crowley’s Endless Things, which you posted about earlier this year.)

  24. Merry Christmas guys! I’d love to win a copy of the Fables graphic novel. I’ve seen reviews every where (including here) and it looks so good!

  25. Jennifer says:

    It’s tough to pick just one, because so many of the books you both review end up on my TBR list! But I’ve been in the mood for a smile lately, and I think Cold Comfort Farm would fit the bill nicely. :-)
    Looking forward to another great year of review’s from you both!

  26. Rebecca Reid says:

    Merry Christmas! I’d love Family Roundabout, but I’m not sure how expensive those Persephones get. So if that’s too much then The Way We Live Now. I’ve heard great things about that one!

  27. Rebecca H. says:

    Why, thank you! What a nice New Year’s thing to do. I’d choose White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi. Happy New Year!

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