Thank You Santa!

Edited to add: Scroll down for a bonus gift update!
Today when I got home from work I was all kinds of discombobulated because some building construction means I have to park in front of my building instead of out back. Parking in front involves a longer walk, which is fine, but the disruption of my routine parking scenario is not so fine.  So I was feeling slightly grumpy when I walked up the stairs and found a package in front of my door. I didn’t recognize the return address, but when I picked up the package, it jingled! A jingling package? What could this be? A cure for the grumpies?

It turns out that it was my Secret Santa gift for the Book Bloggers Holiday Swap! I didn’t do the swap last year, but I’ve enjoyed this book blogging community so much that I decided to join in the fun this year. When I sent in my gift requests, I felt a little bad because I didn’t want any books (what with having too many for comfort right now), and I know every book blogger loves to shop for books. But I did mention a variety of provisions that would make it even more pleasant to curl up with one of the books I already have. Well, my Santa came through!

Package O' Goodies

As you can see in the photo, I got quite a nice supply of goodies. There’s a package of cat stickers, a cat calendar, enough tea to last for months, a book thong (ribbon bookmark), a pack of mini sticky notes, a very cool combination pen and bookmark with sticky notes attached, and quite possibly the softest, most comfy lounge socks ever. (Seriously, I am in love with the socks. They are infused with shea butter and have little non-skid bumpy things on the soles that actually massage my feet when I’m walking! I may never wear shoes again.)

And my cat Sophie wasn’t left out either. The jingling I heard when I picked up the package was part of an array of cat toys! So what did Sophie think?

Checking Out the Goodies

Checking Out the Goodies


Well, I think it’s safe to say that she approves! (I never could get a shot of her picking up the mouse by the tail.)

According to the enclosed card, these treasures all came from Wendy the Literary Feline at Musings of a Bookish Kitty. Thanks so much, Wendy! Sophie and I are enjoying the presents very much!

Bonus: A week after I got this great package, a box from Bas Bleu turned up on my doorstep, and it turned out that Wendy had also ordered a very nice Bookworm mug for me. So cute and a lovely extra surprise. Thanks again!

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22 Responses to Thank You Santa!

  1. softdrink says:

    Sounds like Sophie got the perfect Secret Santa!

  2. You’re so welcome, Teresa. I am glad you like everything. I know that’s a lot of tea. LOL I was afraid I’d get you something you wouldn’t like so I went for variety. That way you’d have a good sampling to choose from. :-)

    Aren’t the socks wonderful? I couldn’t help but pick up a pair for myself too.

    I’m so glad Sophie likes her new toys. Thanks so much for sharing the photos. I love seeing cats play.

    I admit I was a little worried that the package wouldn’t get to you. The UPS clerk insisted that I had your address wrong and so changed it to what his computer said was right. They always try and change my sister’s address too. I’m not sure what’s up with that.

    I had such fun shopping for you and Sophie. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Give Sophie scratches for me.

    • Teresa says:

      The package really was a treat. I’m wearing those socks right now!

      I did notice that the address label had my apartment number listed as a Suite number, which I thought was strange. But it got to me, which is the important thing!

  3. I love those socks and Sophie playing! Wonderful gift and from the photograph alone I guessed it was Literary Feline.

    • Teresa says:

      Claire, that’s so funny that you guessed who it came from. It’s amazing how we all get a sense of each others’ styles and taste just from blogging!

  4. J.G. says:

    Count that as three days quickly improved: yours, Wendy’s and Sophie’s. (Plus mine, reading such a happy post, makes four!) Enjoy those goodies!

  5. Steph says:

    I didn’t participate in the Secret Santa shenanigans this year, in part because of our mega-blowout blogiversary giveaways, but it’s been nice vicariously experiencing it through everyone else! I’m glad to see that Sophie made out like a bandit as well!

  6. What a great gift! I love all of those reading accessories, too, and I never buy them for myself.

    Now, I really need to know where to find those shea butter-infused socks. Will your Santa reveal their origins?

    • Teresa says:

      Rebecca, I never buy these kinds of things, either. It just seems so indulgent! Why buy a bookmark, when you can use an old receipt, right? But then when I have a pretty bookmark or whatever, I’m always happy to see it in my book.

      And Santa has already answered your question!

  7. Rebecca, I got the socks at Bath and Body Works. I always find little goodies there I can’t resist. :-)

  8. Aarti says:

    Ooh, your Santa was Literary Feline? She’s so fun, and no wonder she knew what to get for your cat! Great gift- enjoy!

    Also love the socks :-)

  9. Mary says:

    What thoughtful gifts!

  10. Alessandra says:

    Nice gifts! That’s a cute mouse toy for Sophie, too :)

  11. gnoegnoe says:

    OMG you got really SPOILED! And Sophie! Lucky gals ;)

  12. sagustocox says:

    Wow, great gifts all around and for Sophie Too!

  13. Wow, what a fabulous package of goodies! Sophie is so cute, playing with her toys.

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