BBAW: Blogging Discoveries


Book bloggers are wonderful at ferreting out books that haven’t made it onto the best seller lists and writing about them with enthusiasm.

Today for Book Blogger Appreciation Week, we are joining other bloggers to recognize books that we’ve found on book blogs. These are books that we might not have considered, or might not even have known about, had other bloggers not recommended them. So now we are sharing some of those books, and the reviews that made them irresistible, with you.

We encourage you to check out these books and the blogs that brought them to us!

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4 Responses to BBAW: Blogging Discoveries

  1. TJ says:

    I love this part of BBAW. :3 A great list of books and blogs!

  2. Simon T says:

    Thanks for the mention – I was remembering today how much I enjoyed Identical Strangers, bought on a whim in Notting Hill Gate. And I MUST read Daphne soon…

  3. those are some great books. Love these lists.

  4. Nymeth says:

    I’m very happy to have helped spread the Fables love :D

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