Come to the Pub in 2009!

Challenge completed: July 7, 2009!

I try to limit the challenges I participate in to those that will actually help me get through my massive TBR pile, but this one is too good to resist: It’s the 2009 Pub Challenge, hosted by 3m at!

The challenge is to read 9 books first published in 2009 in your own country. (Since I live in the U.S., I could read a book already published in the U.K. as long as it wasn’t published in the U.S. until 2009.) No children’s/YA titles allowed (it’s a “pub,” after all), and at least 5 titles must be fiction.

Although I read a lot of older books, I do like to keep up with new stuff too, so this challenge will let me browse the new books section of the library without guilt!

Here are the books I’ve read so far:

  1. Dating Jesus by Susan Campbell
  2. Annie’s Ghosts by Steve Luxenberg (completed May 24, 2009)
  3. The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan (completed May 31, 2009)
  4. The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist (completed June 7, 2009)
  5. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe (completed June 11, 2009)
  6. The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (completed June 21, 2009)
  7. In the Kitchen by Monica Ali (completed June 28, 2009)
  8. Gifts of War by Mackenzie Ford (completed July 2, 2009)
  9. The Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha (completed July 7, 2009)

These are some books I intend to read:

  • The Language of Bees by Laurie R. King (Yes! A new Mary Russell! Coming in April.)
  • The Birthday Present by Barbara Vine, aka Ruth Rendell (Coming in March.)

What books are you most looking forward to in 2009?

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7 Responses to Come to the Pub in 2009!

  1. 3m says:

    Glad you’re joining us!

    I’ve had the first Mary Russell book for ages but just haven’t got to it yet. I need to remedy that!

  2. Katherine says:

    I’ve joined this challenge, too, and The Birthday Present is on my list as well. Barbara Vine is one of my all-time favorite authors.

  3. Ooh, I’m a big fan of both Barbara Vine and Laurie R. King and I didn’t know that either of them were coming out with new books next year! Thanks for the heads up and good luck with the challenge!

  4. adevotedreader says:

    I’m not a fan of reading challenges but I am a fan of Mary Russell and am in raptures about the new book. It’s not before time Laurie!

  5. 3m.michelle says:

    Congrats on finishing the challenge so early. I read The Angel’s Game and liked it, and The Unit is on my tbr.

    Hope you participate in 2010!

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