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The Murder Farm

This novel by German author Andrea Maria Schenkel and translated by Anthea Bell begins with a foreword in which an unnamed narrator writes of spending the summer after the war with relatives in the country: During those weeks, that village … Continue reading

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The Beckoning Lady

This 1955 mystery by Margery Allingham finds Albert Campion and his wife Amanda back at Pontisbright, the setting of Sweet Danger. Uncle William Faraday, who previously appeared in Police at the Funeral and Dancers in Mourning has just died, apparently … Continue reading

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Cop Town

When I saw Karin Slaughter’s new book Cop Town was available on Netgalley, I decided to request it, because Slaughter is a crime writer I’ve been curious about. Then I remembered that I had tried Slaughter’s fiction, in the form … Continue reading

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The Blunderer

I’ve been meaning to read more Patricia Highsmith for a long time. I’ve read (I think) all her Ripley novels, which are dark and sociopathic and delightful. But for some reason, I have never picked up any of her other … Continue reading

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On Giving Up on Night Film After Only 50 Pages

I know better than to give in to literary hype, but I also know better than to dismiss hyped books. If it sounds like my kind of thing, I’ll give it a try, and Night Film by Marisha Pessl sounded … Continue reading

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The Tiger in the Smoke

I think I’ve reached the apex of Margery Allingham’s series of novels about detective/adventurer Albert Campion. Published in 1952, the 14th Campion novel, The Tiger in the Smoke, brings us a Campion who is a husband and a father. He … Continue reading

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The Silent Wife

Teresa and I read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl at almost exactly this time last year, and we both liked it a lot. I happened to see someone’s very brief review of A.S.A. Harrison’s The Silent Wife, saying essentially that she’d … Continue reading

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Jamaica Inn

It was a dark and rainy day when I settled down to read Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier, perfect weather for this romantic thriller about an orphan, a drunken innkeeper, a horse thief, and an attentive albino vicar. When … Continue reading

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More Work for the Undertaker

A shabbily dressed woman sits on a park bench on fine afternoons doing crossword puzzles in Latin or reading a book. Another women from a nearby neighborhood walks by and slips her a little money, money the shabbily dressed woman … Continue reading

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Out of a Clear Sky

As this novel by Sally Hinchcliffe begins, the narrator, Manda, an avid bird-watcher, is watching a pair of ravens. These two were displaying their huge wingspan—well over a metre—as they spread and hopped awkwardly around the prone body on the … Continue reading

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