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Among Others

Jo Walton’s Among Others is the 1979 diary of Mori, a 15-year-old Welsh girl. As we gradually pick up bits of her history (because who would write down an entire narrative in a private diary?), we learn that she and … Continue reading

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By Blood We Live

By Blood We Live is the third in Glen Duncan’s massively entertaining, literate, philosophical, funny, heart-stoppingly suspenseful, sexy trilogy about vampires and werewolves. (You can find here on this very site my reviews of The Last Werewolf and Talulla Rising.) … Continue reading

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Persian Fire

Tom Holland introduces Persian Fire, his amazingly great book about the war between the Persian Empire and Greece, by pointing out that questions about these factions, these ways of being, and these cultures are still relevant today. Osama bin Laden … Continue reading

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Purple Hibiscus

Happy Canada Day to those who celebrate it! I have just returned from a family vacation in California. In the past, when my children were smaller, I’ve packed several books for this yearly ten-day vacation and gotten nothing read at … Continue reading

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Bring Up the Bodies

Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall was one of the very last books I read in December 2013, and it couldn’t have surprised me more. Instead of being an overhyped, overwritten contender for a sometimes-lackluster prize, it took a man who has … Continue reading

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Doll Bones

I’ve been seeing reviews of Holly Black’s books here and there on blogs I like (Jeanne likes her, for instance), and I’m fairly sure that it was Ana’s review of Doll Bones that finally tipped me over the pick-it-up-at-the-library edge. … Continue reading

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Getting My Mojo Back: Re-Reads

The most wonderful thing about having a co-bloggeuse is that I get to keep in touch with Teresa and we can share our thoughts and opinions about books, as we’ve done our entire friendship. The second best thing is that … Continue reading

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The Rosemary Tree

Elizabeth Goudge is one of my very favorite authors. She writes equally well for adults and for children (her Linnets and Valerians is wonderful, and so is the satisfying Little White Horse). She writes historical novels and multigenerational family trilogies, … Continue reading

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Black Juice

After I’ve had a bad experience with an author, it’s rare that I’ll return to read more. The world is so full of a number of things, it takes a lot of persuasion to convince me that I just read … Continue reading

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The Blunderer

I’ve been meaning to read more Patricia Highsmith for a long time. I’ve read (I think) all her Ripley novels, which are dark and sociopathic and delightful. But for some reason, I have never picked up any of her other … Continue reading

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